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About the owner:  Some would say it is in my blood. I come from a family whose roots lead back to the fine construction trades. My father, grandfather, and great grandfather all were what I call, talented craftsmen. My father even built our family home.  I can remember going with him to the job site as little boy. My job was to pick up bent nails and actually straighten them, act as the little helper and do the cleanup. At the time those menial tasks seemed boring, but looking back now....yup still boring, but that last 10% is what separates me from the rest.

Whether it is remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or building a deck I take great pride in all of my work. I love the entire process, from the initial design all the way through to finishing up on the last details.  

It is very rewarding to see satisfied clients smiling at their newly renovated home. Give me a call today and let me show you what I have to offer you and your home all for yourself!  

The Concrete Moon’s rock solid foundation has been built by providing the best craftsmanship in the marketplace time and time again!


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Fiber optics in concrete

Heck yeah!

Someone asked me once if I could put fiber optics in concrete. Heck yeah you can. I was stoked! What a fun, cool project. Everyone needs fiber optics in their house. Or if that's not for you, ask about glow in the dark rocks. It's a pretty awesome feature around a pool, patio, or outdoor bar.